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Snowsports Writing

Chris is a partner in Snow Industry News, techncial editor of the Skier and Snowboarder and Good Ski Guide magazines, reviewing and testing the latest developments in skiing and snowsports equipment. This unique position makes Chris' writing highly influential and gives him access to a large print audience. As a trainer and examiner of ski coaches Chris has unrivalled knowledge of skiing, snowsports and snowsports equipment.

Chris is fully accredited with the FIS {the International Ski Federation} and holds FIS media credentials allowing free and open access to ski and snowboard competitions worldwide.

Broadcast Media

Chris is frequently engaged for broadcast media work and is used as an expert commentator and advisor by BBC TV and Radio at both local and national levels.

Travel Writing

Chris is an experienced ski travel writer and contributes regularly to a number of publications on snowsports travel. His particular areas of interest are North America and more unusual and exotic ski destinations.


Chris is widely published both in the specialist ski press and across a wide range of print media including:

  • Focus magazine.

  • Saab Owner magazine.

  • Toyota Magazine

  • The Independent

Chris offers depth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of snowsports topics.

He is both a coach and a coach educator with an extensive background in working with skiers at all levels, from those who simply want to reach their potential as a recreational skier to those who seek success at an international level.

Chris is utilised by clubs, organisations and national governing bodies as a coach, coach educator and consultant.

His  understanding of the function and design of ski equipment, coupled with his understanding of the physics, mechanics and physiology of skiing allows the him to understand  skiers as a 'system', not just as a skier.

  • He holds the highest level of internationally recognised ski teaching and coaching qualifications issued by a number of bodies worldwide

  • He is qualified and appointed as an examiner of ski instructors in the U.K. and the U.S.A and as a coach in the U.K, and the Netherlands.

  • He is a former Chairman of the English Ski Council, now Snowsport England, the governing body for English Skiers. He is one of Snowsport England’s most senior tutors, being only one of 4 people authorised to deliver its highest level courses [which give successful candidates an internationally recognised qualification].

  • He has , for the last 10 years delivered Snowsport England’s tutor training - both preparing course materials and delivering courses. I hold honorary life membership of Snowsport England.

  • As a member of the Commission for the Examination and Education of Ski Instructors Chris is part of the international expert group which reviews and sets standards for ski instructors.

  • Chris isthe British representative to the IVSI [the International Federation of Ski Instructors] and was the British delegation leader to the last three IVSI meetings and congresses.

  • He is also a member of the national source group responsible for setting the standards for coaches and ski instructors and led the development of the United Kingdom Snowsports Coach Award Scheme - now UK Snowsports.

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